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Author ......... Ignacio Torres
Medium ········· Web
Published ······ September 2021
Language ······· UX&UI

The JJ Club®
Brazilian jiu jitsu is my physical activity of choice and for whatever reasons, I have often landed in situations where people ask me to teach them technique. I am usually honoured by this but also challenged, because jiu jitsu is abstract and hard to explain. Flattered in many ways, but on the spotlight none the less!

Teaching, and being taught something, can also be viewed as a user experience. And that can be designed to be a unique, optimized and an overall innovative, useful product or service. Before I could help it, this evolved into a new project for me.

Redesigning of teaching methodologies and the business model went on in the creation of The JJ Club but visually, the main project consisted of creating a website which was conceptualized as a more complex landing page where plenty of information could be presented in an orderly manner. The “about me” page for example, many times minimalized in more modern branding efforts, has to be more in-depth if you intend to teach children, for their parents. An online shop, separate project not yet released, will be annexed to it in upcoming months, more on that in the future!

A business pitch was rushed and the website had to be done in two days. Thus, I decided to use a web builder and a template that I ended up tweaking substantially, shot all the photographs needed and redacted all texts as well. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.