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Author > Cynthia Alfaro & Ignacio Torres
Medium ········· ink on skin.
Published ······ November 2016
Language ······· 日本

Opus Flesh Tattoo Co ®
After college, animation freelance work was not stable enough for my life project and ad agencies were offering mostly unappealing avenues for my young self at the time. But by then, me and my partner had already began to study tattooing. In a spontaneous effort for independent employment- we launched Opus Flesh, a boutique-like tattoo studio where we could display our art on people. This has been our biggest project and our life´s work. You can find examples of our tattoos below:

As co-founder , I have had to wear a lot of hats. From initial branding, photography, social media marketing, developing all types of peoples´ skills, assessing costs of a project and of course: constantly producing designs for comissions or flash tattoos.

There is also invisible work like accounting, bio-hazard waste handling, permits, organically building a network of clients, etc. The list goes on. But mostly, I am grateful this venture we pulled out of thin air has afforded me the opportunity to work close to my partner, to put  food on the table, some money in the bank and stay very close to illustration which is one of my passions. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.