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Author > Ignacio Torres & Cynthia Alfaro
Medium ········· Digital 2D
Published ······ July 2015
Language ······· Hip Hop

No Mercy®
No Mercy was my graduation project to become a professional animation artist. It was done only with my partner Cynthia. We were spending a lot of time writing graffiti at that moment and didn´t really want to stop, but couldn´t just not finish college... so, we decided to do the project about graffiti. It is much more than that obviously, the actual message is best left to your interpretation. We presented it as a music video but ultimately, it was about exploring this artform through animation. And we went at it head first, drawing each frame in PS then composing everything like in a flip book.

Many hard, but priceless lessons with this one. We were dead set on doing a 2D short film even though our school especialized in 3D almost exclusively. I would also talk about the internal process of building the discipline to do this at home, the scheduling, its painstaking. Yet in the end, we made something unique, we conveyed what we wanted as artists and developed a style that is to this day, is still related to us. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.