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Author ········· Ignacio Torres 
Medium ········· Video
Published ······ July 2013
Language ······· Music and Image

Niño Koi - Live shows®

Some years ago, a local prog band tasked us with accompanying their music with a visual presentation that felt related to the concept of their new album. The product was to be presented in a series of three concerts. The band was carrying some momentum at the time and we were excited to explore some video art and live performance techniques. In summary, the concept was a demonic posession.

Overall a very fun experience, we got to design the flyers for the events, film the band members and some other actors, use fake blood and oldschool effects as such, create subtle mini stories of our own, experiment with the live aspect of the presentation, syncing at times video parts with moments in the music, all whilst figuring out projectors and midi triggers.

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.