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Author > Cynthia Alfaro & Ignacio Torres
Medium ········· Digital 3D, Video
Published ······ July 2012
Language ······· Music

At some point we were married to the idea that most art has to carry a meaning or a message, especially video - we always look for the structure in it. But that is very exhausting. Sometimes it is not as such. 

IRAZÚ is like one of those dreams you can not explain but makes you suspicious there´s meaning behind it. The 3D is non-conventional and as non-sensical as the animation. Yet it still projects an obscure feeling. 

Combining the eeriness of the music, imagery from Irazú Volcano and the emergence of a 3D floating head, this short film is based in nostalgia and a cabin fever feeling.

Meant as a quick exercise in multimedia production, for this project I was tasked with capturing the footage, editing and final compositing. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.