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Author ········· Ignacio Torres 
Medium ········· 3D
Published ······ October 2022
Language ······· Interior Design

H.A.N.D Shop Layout ®

The brief was simple but broad: present the layout and possible modifications to an existing space within a shopping mall to house a new clothing store. The objective was to design a space for a skate and surf apparel company. Several brands were going to be represented and literal tons of merch had to be stored in the premises. 

A presentation had to be quickly put together to convince the mall manager to lease the space to my client instead of other interested parties but conventional architecture or archviz studios could not handle the deadline and were ultimately not needed, photorealism was overkill and the construction finishes had not been determined yet. At the end, being the first company to present a tangible visualisation got my client the opportunity he was seeking. The following images come from a 3D model done in Sketchup and prepared in PS>

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.