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Author ········· Ignacio Torres 
Medium ········· Digital 3D
Published ······ February 2022
Language ······· Architecture

Cabañita 09 ®

Early in 2022 I was approached by an international non-profit regarding a very peculiar 3D project. I say it was strange even, because normally as a 3D artist, you are given a set of layouts for a building and are expected to deliver a 3D model or final renders. 

But in this ocassion, I was called after the project had begun. The builders had started putting the house together based on just a few sketches of a plan but ran into a wall when they needed to budget the remaining materials and determine how to take what they had and turn it into a livable space without waste. This project consisted of a very simple house for charity, made with sustainable materials, mostly salvaged wood, for people of very low income in inhospitable rural sites in Costa Rica. 

My main assignment was to map out everything that was already built but needed schematics, then finish the design of the house via 3D and provide an inventory of all the elements needed.  The structure was meant to be put together by volunteers with no building experience, so I also had to provide a comprehensive set of instructions for the actual construction and incorporate that parameter into the design itself. Here´s a few of the images produced:

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.