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Author ········· Ignacio Torres 
Medium ········· Digital 3D
Published ······ January 2019
Language ······· Architecture

Cabañita 08 ®

I was tasked with designing an expansion to a storage type of building in a rural area of Alajuela. This was my proposal.

The owner of the project needed a minimal 5x6m cabin like space to be added to an existent pavillion. Besides that, the main challenge in the design was that the building was to house a tatami, or a mat-space to teach private lessons and additionally, accomodate one or two and a hideaway kitchen counter for glamping style stays. We saw no need for final renders at all since our objective was to build it and not sell it. 

Main steel structure and the concrete foundation was put in place when covid2020 halted the construction and then there was a change of plans by the owner. Still, this simple design has led me to obtain more projects from the same client and it was a good learning experience as all. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.