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Author > Ignacio Torres - Director
Medium ········· Digital 3D
Published ······ July 2010
Language ······· Español

As Del Ruleto®
This animated short film was the first I ever did utilizing 3D techniques and also the first with Cynthia, my partner. It was done as an assigment for college at the time and the primary software used was Autodesk Maya. 

We aimed to create a 2D aesthetic within 3D, so lots of texture painting had to be done. With this project, I discovered a liking for storyboarding, scrip writing and the conceptual art behind films. Our skills and tools were  limited at that time so all the modelling and animation was planned to deliver a fun story without needing too much production time. Enjoy the music!

In this assignment I was also the director. In the context of university, that meant coming up with the story and how it was supposed to look on a screen; and also organizing a small team of people, distributing tasks, schedule all necessary steps for completion and integrating all those bits together into a final edit.  

Even though many years have passed, in my opinion this short film still holds its comedic value, charming appeal and is still featured in my former school´s demo reel. 

2022 — Lindora, San Jose, CR.